You’ve drawn ghosts in holiday costumes? Correct.

Many moons ago in my undergraduate days at Boston University, I made 2 little tissue ghosts for Halloween and hung them up in my room. So far, so good.

Then Halloween came and went… but… I had become rather attached to the wee little ghosties.  Unfortunately, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I couldn’t very well have spooky decorations up any more.  What to do?

Simple: they had to stick around in cognito.  And thus was born a year-plus-long saga of festively costumed tissue ghosts.  There are pictures of the originals somewhere, but this past Christmas break I thought the idea might make for an amusing calendar.  So I set to work with crayons to memorialize these wacky spooks in cartoon form.  I’ll post the months as they arise throughout the year, as a reminder that anachronism is no match for Crayola and an eccentric imagination.


5 thoughts on “You’ve drawn ghosts in holiday costumes? Correct.

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