The Unrequited Argh: A Comic Series

I love my friends, they are very dear to me. They are also insane. In fact, this is precisely why we are friends: over the years I’ve realized that I don’t take too kindly to folks whose perspective on the world isn’t a little… inventive. But it occurred to me awhile back that if, after observing their (our) antics on a daily basis, I did not find some sort of cathartic release I might just go a little wonky. The result is this series. I’d call it art therapy, but I’m not convinced that stick figures count as art.

So. Welcome to my life. Everything you will see in these wee panels actually happened. Or near enough. Good luck distinguishing characters – I swear I know who everyone is…


12 thoughts on “The Unrequited Argh: A Comic Series

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