Code of Silence

A wonderful British prof is teaching the animal physiology unit of the intro bio course I TA for.  Unfortunately, he is away for the first week of classes; as such, one our coordinators is covering lecture for him until he returns. Now, the prof has a highly effective policy about cell phones in lecture.  If yours goes off, you stand up and sing.  For the whole class.
He has an old English song about crows on a wall that he teaches people, but our coordinator figured she’d leave that particular ditty to him.  But she was adamant about upholding the cell phone policy (and warned our 100 plus students about it on day one).  She said that until our prof returns, she’d let them choose what song they wanted to sing.  If they were unable to think of something suitable, she humbly suggested “My Milkshake.”
I figured that threat would be enough to instill proper cell phone etiquette in our undergraduate populous – but I was very wrong.  On Friday, a girl in the front row had her cell ring and god bless our coordintor who, without missing a beat, turned right around from the blackboard and said, “OK, stand up!”
So the girl gets up.  Pauses.
Coordinator (encouragingly): …. my milkshake….
Mortified Undergraduate: …brings all the boys to the yard…
Coordinator (gesturing for her to go on): … and they’re like…?
Mortified Undergraduate: It’s better than yours?
Coordinator: Damn right, it’s better than yours.
And she went right back to teaching.  It was pretty great 🙂

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