“I found it quite musical, actually…”

…said no one ever after an MRI.
Except for me.
The lab techs were pretty confused.  The one who was talking to me through the little speaker while I was in there asked how I was doing about mid-way.  I responded, “I’m awesome! This is FUN!”  There was a pause.  Then she said, “Hah… uh… ok! Good.”
Maybe it’s reverse claustrophobia (claustroeuphoria? is that a thing?), but I had a GREAT time in that machine.  What robotic personality!  I had to try not to chuckle so I wouldn’t move my head.  All the noises sounded like someone improving ambient music for an indie movie.  I was really enjoying this one scan, and hoped they’d play it again – and I thought after they injected me with contrast and sent me back in, they’d replay all of them (so they could compare pre/post contrast? I know nothing about how this technology works?).  But in fact, they only did one I thought sounded like “Opening Credits” and the other one I titled “techno-noir-over-a-cafe-in-Paris.”  No more “Video Game, Level Three” scan for me.  I was pretty bummed.
As I told me dear friend Liz, I kinda want to get my own machine that just makes the noises and has the cozy head rest.  I’d spring for a real MRI, but once you start adding in the magnets, it’s gonna get expensive.

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