The Majestic

Last weekend I witnessed… I almost feel like this deserves a drum roll.  But a drum roll by a heavily disoriented percussionist, perhaps one we just rousted out of bed where he was sleeping off some epic experience or another; one we shoved a mug of coffee and a set of bongos at and told, “Play!”  I feel this report needs that sort of lead-in.

Anyway. Last weekend I witnessed, live, a blue grass Madonna cover band.


I’ve taken the week to process it, and I can now tell you in no uncertain terms that until you’ve heard “Like a Virgin” sung over the twang of a banjo to an audience hefting double-fisted PBRs into the midwest nightclub air, you have never experienced cognitive dissonance.  In fact, you do not know the meaning of the term.

I’m still not sure we DID make it through the wilderness that night.


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