One Day More

It needed to be done. Sing with me, friends!

One day more…

Another day another calendar
That is a page I cannot wait to turn
This demon month that plagues the year
is almost over, have no fear!

One day more…

I will not live until that day!
How can I live with April looming?

One day more…

Tomorrow she’ll  be far away!
And then May flowers will be blooming!

One more day of April’s wrath
— Next year we will meet again
One more day of April’s evil!
— If the almanac is true
What a life we all shall have
— And again we’ll muddle through!
When the demon month is done!

One more day left of the storm!
— What to do to pass the time?
At the barricades of FREEDOM!
— Do I cower low in fear?
As our ranks once more must form
— Do I sit and drink a beer?
Come and stand once more with me!

The time is now!
The day is here!


One more day to liberation
As spring flowers come to bud
We’ve survived another Hell Month
With our sweat and tears and blood


Wow this month has sucked
Insomnia and all!
Computer broke – well, fuck,
this month has got some gall!

First there was the rain
Then of course the work
Add miscommunications
and we’re all berzerk!

One day to a new beginning!
— Raise the Maypole ribbons high!
Every one can have a fling!
— Every one can have a fling!
There’s a new month for the winning
— There’s a new month to be won!
Do you hear the people sing?

It’s almost here!
it’s almost MAY!


<repeat, overlapping>

Tomorrow April’s far away,
Tomorrow’s celebration day,
Tomorrow we’ll discover
What the next month has in store!

One more dawn,
One more day,




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