You’ve drawn ghosts in holiday costumes? Correct.

Many moons ago in my undergraduate days at Boston University, I made 2 little tissue ghosts for Halloween and hung them up in my room. So far, so good.

Then Halloween came and went… but… I had become rather attached to the wee little ghosties.  Unfortunately, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I couldn’t very well have spooky decorations up any more.  What to do?

Simple: they had to stick around in cognito.  And thus was born a year-plus-long saga of festively costumed tissue ghosts.  There are pictures of the originals somewhere, but this past Christmas break I thought the idea might make for an amusing calendar.  So I set to work with crayons to memorialize these wacky spooks in cartoon form.  I’ll post the months as they arise throughout the year, as a reminder that anachronism is no match for Crayola and an eccentric imagination.


Welcome to my impromptu About page. It is quite simple, as I can sum up the main purpose of this blog in five words. Hence all this fluff text I’m adding so you feel like it was worth it clicking on the link. Anyway, my name is Julie for those .287 of you who didn’t find this via my Facebook page. Incidentally, well done on becoming a fraction, I’ve always wondered how to do that safely and without a body-sized blender…

Anyway, here are the five words. This blog is dedicated to:

Taking taking nothing seriously seriously.