Dear TAs who keep emailing us because your labs/discussions have been cancelled and who therefore are getting snowed in by emails from your students asking what they’re supposed to do…

Well. It’s never a dull day in the arctic.

As you’ve no doubt heard, classes are cancelled tomorrow morning. We thought about defying the institution and attempting to lure students into class anyway by throwing a luau in Lab 223 complete with hula dancing (it’s like you’re dancing the double helix!), tropical beverages (made with 100% distilled water!), and a roast pig (can you say Bunsen burners?)… but then we succumb to exhaustion and cynicism and settled on a worksheet instead. Frigid Tundra: 1, Coordinators: 0. Maybe next round.

PS – YouTube is *shockingly* bereft of in-lab hula dancing videos, but I did find this gem on the science of hula dancing: